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 Your cats will go wild over these catnip kicker style toys.  Made from a slippery outdoor fabric, they like to fly across a non-carpeted floor when batted around.  This triggers the chase drive in your cat.  Once caught, they are approximately 6 inches long so your cats are able to wrap their arms around them, dig in their hind legs and enjoy themselves.  The outdoor fabric is sturdier than most and these toys hold up very well.  Added bonus is that the cat hair that normally collects on toys left on the floor is easily wiped clean.

This is an eco-friendly toy.  The fabric and interior stuffing are recycled materials.  The catnip is organic. 
Price includes all shipping and handling.

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Some background information:   I had end of bolt remnants that I decided to recycle into a new toy.  I made a sample of the toy and dropped it on the floor for one of my "product testers".  Scarlett took a sniff, batted at it, and I bust a gut laughing at the look on her face when it landed on the other end of the living room floor.  She chased it down and kept trying to catch it.  I knew it was a big hit immediately.

These toys come in many colors and I will select a color for you.
$5 each, 2 for $8.00, 3 for $10.50, 4 for 12.50




Construction: Outer shell made from either 100% or poly/acrylic blends. Inside is stuffed with organic catnip and recycled polyfil. They are securely sewn shut at the top.


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