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Some people call these cat body pillows. Some people call these jumbo toys. And everyone would be right. Some cats will snuggle with them and others will use them for a hearty round of play. I think it all depends on how your cat reacts to catnip - does it relax your cat or drive them crazy? Only your cat will tell you for sure.
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Cotton colors (l-r):  Black Crazy Cats, Blue Crazy Cats, Bold Cats, Cat Collage


Cotton animal prints (l-r):  Jungle, Leopardskin, Zebra, Striped Leopard

Batik Colors:  Bold Zebra, Giraffe

Flannel colors (l-r):  Blue Cats, Tan Cats, Paw Prints, Sleeping Cats, Leopardskin


Construction: The Cuddler is 18" long and about 4" wide. I took a tape measure to my average sized cats as I wanted to make sure it was as long as their torso and as wide as their head. They are made of either cotton or cotton flannel and filled with a polyfil and catnip.  I can make these in my fleece fabrics if you prefer.

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