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This kennel bed is ideal for those dreaded days when your furkid needs to go to the V-E-T (doesn't everyone spell it out in front of them?). It provides some padding to the bottom of the carrier, fits snuggly into your carrier, and the vertical sides help to hold anything that may "spill" out of your furkid. It is fully reversible - just flip it upside down and push the sides up. It fits a standard medium or intermediate sized carrier. Made with a friendly 100% cotton material and a cushy 1" NuFoam filling. This is fully machine washable.

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Behind the scenes story:
I made one of these about 8 years ago because I was tired of the way that most pads (or towels) shifted in the carrier during the trip to the vet. Heaven forbid that your baby got sick during the ride. You know what happens to the carrier when the pad doesn't stay put. I've had cats that have made all sorts of messes over the years. These simply go into the washer/dryer when I get home and its ready for the next trip. Did I tell you that the one I made 8 years ago finally went kapoot on me the other day? It made me realize that you may be interested in these also.

$20 each


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Construction: The bed of the box is 20" X 12" and the sides 2" tall. The exterior is made of 100% cotton and the interior is 1" of NuFoam.  Size won't fit your carrier? Contact me for a custom made bed.

Cleaning instructions: Machine wash cool and tumble dry on a cool setting.

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