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Catnip Buddy

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 The Catnip Buddy is a great kicker toy with a twist.  Most kicker toys are rigid.  A cat will wrap its arms around it and bunny kick it with their back legs.  The Buddy will flop around during the kick, creating a unique sensation for your cat.   I call it the kicker toy that fights back! 
It is a generous 8 inches long (or better), made from a soft fleece fabric and filled with a good amount of organic catnip to keep them interested.  My cats love to grab them, kick their back legs into them and drag them around the house. With a "puppy" who likes to chew cat toys, these hold up remarkably well to abuse.

Price includes all shipping and handling.

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These are available in many different colors which change on a regular basis.  A color will be selected for you unless you contact me.
$5 each, 2 for $8.00, 3 for $10.50, 4 for 12.50






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