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The Pet Hammock

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The Pet Hammock is a great sleeping place for your pampered cat or small dog.  It's a generous size (19" x 19") and fits the largest cat or a pair of companion cats comfortably.  I've tested these hammocks to 36 pounds of cat curled up together.  The hammock conforms to their body, thus relieving any pressure points.  While it is extremely comfortable to any cat or small dog, it is outstanding for older pets or those with arthritis.   I offer different grades of fabrics (see left margin) and colors to fit your needs and decorating style.  Drop one in a sunny spot and watch their reaction.

If you have a shorter or disabled pet and the standard size is too tall, simply contact me and I will make it shorter for you at no extra cost.
This is shipped unassembled.  Assembly requires no tools and takes minutes.

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I now offer 3 grades of fabrics.  Why the choice?   First of all, I wanted to continue to offer budget friendly cat products to everyone, but I also wanted to offer something with more fabric style, and very easy maintenance.

Fleece is the least expensive and will provide a little more warmth during cooler weather.  The down side is that it seems to embed cat hairs into the fabric more so than other fabrics. 
Cotton/Flannel prints can be very nicely detailed and match home decor better than fleece.  These fabrics are backed with a lining material to make them more sturdy.  The down side is that they cost a little more.
Outdoor fabrics are more durable than my other fabrics and are much more easy to clean.  The fabric is slicker than the others, so cat hair tends to simply wipe off of these.  I've yet to launder any of mine as they simply wipe clean with a damp rag.  These are also backed with a lining material.  The down side is they are the most expensive of my hammocks.
All are machine washable and comfortable to cats.  It's an individual preference.

Pictured is Red Paisley Fleece
Contact me if you are looking for replacement hammock cloth.

Fleece Hammocks - $25

Fleece colors L-R:  Red Paws, Brown Paws, Plaid Cats, Mauve Paisley, Cream

Fleece colors L-R:  Tan Tie Dye, Purple Tie Dye, Blue Tie Dye, Bright Tie Dye
Fleece Color Name


Cotton / Flannel Hammocks - $30

Colors:  L-R:  Blue Cats (flannel), Leopardskin (flannel), Brown Cats (flannel), Modern (cotton), Zebra (cotton), Hawaiian (cotton) 

Cotton / Flannel Color Name


Outdoor Fabric Hammocks - $35

These hammocks are made from a durable outdoor fabric with UV protection.  These are less maintenance than the fleece and cotton based fabrics.  While still machine washable, they feel slick to the touch so can simply be wiped clean.   There may be more colors available in my Etsy Shop.

L-R:  Brown, Pistachio Stripe, Spring Green, Diamonds, Turquoise Stripe

Outdoor Fabric Color Name

Hammocks are made to order.  Generally I can have these made in a couple of days, but things can get backed up during busy seasons.  I will contact you with an estimated ship date once I receive your order.  Prices do not include shipping and handling, which will be calculated upon checkout.


Each hammock measures 19 inches square and 10 inches tall. Comes in either fleece flannel backed denim, duct cloth backed by a complimentary liner, or outdoor UV protection fabric backed by a complimentary liner. 
Information about the hammock frames: All corner and connector pieces are furniture grade PVC. The frame and leg pieces are plumbing grade PVC, which has been sanded down to remove the print that you normally find on that material.

Assembly instructions are here and will also be shipped with your order. 


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