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My Cat Condos are fun for cats, easy to maintain for their humans and pleasant to the eye.  It's 48" tall, which is perfect window height for cats.  The hammocks are a generous 17" by 20", so they fit even the largest cats.  Cats love the height of this condo and the flex in the hammock makes for good sleeping.

I've used outdoor designer fabrics for the hammocks that hang on the condo.  The fabric is UV resistant, which means they are not going to fade if you place the Condo in a sunny window. They are very easy to clean with a damp cloth.  The frame of the condo is very sturdy (I've had 5 cats in mine), yet the overall weight isn't that heavy so that it can be easily moved around. 
Some assembly required.

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Cats love to up on top of things and while my hammocks were well loved, they just didn't have the height that they craved.  My household of cats are aging (10+ years), and the older they get, the harder it is for them to get up on the wooden cat trees.  I found a way to position the hammocks so that my kids can stair step up to the top.  With the 10 odd condos I have around my house, this one has become the clear favorite.  Hammocks are very comfortable to sleep in after all.  And what I like best about this condo (other than the fact that the kids love it), is that cleaning around it is simple.  It's light weight enough for me to slide it around when it comes time to vacuum up the cat hairs in my home.  No more pulling out the vacuum edger to get the hairs stuck to the side of the wooden cat trees.  This means more of my time devoted to my gang.


Contact me if you are interested in a 6-Tier version of this condo for $215.
Many of my colors are available in a taller condo.

Color Name

Click on the images to see a larger picture:
Colors left to right:  Red Medallion, Rust Stripe, Green/Blue Stripe, Faded Blue, Red Tapestry
Colors left to right:  Taupe Stripe, Neutral, Thin Blue/Tan Stripe, Black and Tan, Tan Tweed, Bahama Breeze

Not pictured:  Grey Paisley, Brown Paisley, Brown Tweed, Red Tweed, many more colors!

I have limited supplies of each color and when a color is sold out, I will make other colors available. I often sell out on new colors before they are even posted here, so if these colors do not work with your home decor, lets start a conversation about what can work for you.  Chances are I have something that you will like.

Want something in a more durable and minimum care maintenance fabric?  Check my line of Condos made with Cordura fabric.

I try to keep all of these colors in stock at all times, but can run out during busy seasons.  Generally I will ship these out within 3 business days if they are in stock.  I will contact you with an estimated ship date once I receive your order.  A $40 shipping charge will be added to your order at checkout and this does include insurance Contact me for international rates if you need this shipped outside of the U.S.

From Auntie Em's dictionary:
Suck the awake out of you:  the phenomena that occurs when a cat jumps into your lap and causes you to relax so much that you instantly fall asleep.

Suck the awake out of your cat:  the phenomena that occurs when a cat lands in a hammock and causes it to relax so much that it instantly falls asleep.

I've received feedback from my customers that this is occuring.

Construction:  Each hammock measures 20 inches by 17 inches.  The overall Condo is 48" tall, 33" wide and 20" deep.   All corner and connector pieces are furniture grade PVC. The frame and leg pieces are 1" plumbing grade PVC, which has been sanded down to remove the print that you normally find on that material. 

Shipping and assembly:  The condo is shipped partially assembled.  The hammocks will be assembled in their frames, and you will need to attach the legs and upright poles.  No tools are required and it assembles in minutes.  Instructions will be shipped with your order.  Let me know if you want an advanced copy of these instructions.

Care:   The hammock fabric can be wiped down with a damp rag for day to day cleaning.  Do not use harsh cleaners on the fabric or it may discolor.  The hammocks can also be removed from the frames and machine washed, gently cycle and dried on a low setting.  This is normally not necessary unless they are particularly dirty.  Instructions for rebuilding the hammock frames are included with the assembly instructions.  The pipes can be wiped down with a damp cloth or Magic Eraser.  They are completely water safe and can be fully submersed in water and scrubbed clean if necessary.


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