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Product Listing

   Cat Toys:
       Catnip Buddy  Fleece "rope" catnip toy 
      Catnip Crazy   Cotton tube kicker catnip toy 
      Da Bomb (original or recycled)  Denim and feather catnip toy
      Kitty Cuddler   Body pillow or extra large kicker toy for your cat
The Six Pack   Small catnip toys

   Dog Toys:
      Wild and Woolie  Faux sheepskin squeaker toys for dogs

   Pet Beds:
      Cat Condo  5 Tier hammocks in outdoor UV resistant designer fabrics
      Cat Condo Cordura  2, 3, 4 or 5 Tier hammocks in heavy Cordura fabric
      Hammock  Single cat or small dog hammock
      The Kennel Bed  For small dogs or cats
      Two-Tiered Hammock  Double cat or small dog hammock
      Cat Bunk Bed  2 tier hammocks in a bunk bed style


   Cat Products

   Dog Products
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