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Fabrics:  I do my best to use materials that are made in the U.S., or at least not made in slave labor countries.  Unfortunately, a lot of the fabric that is sold does not label the country of origin so I cannot guarantee where the fabric comes from.  I have started to look closely at the bolts before I purchase them for this information.  When it is available and I object to the country, I take a pass on the fabric.   Regardless of origin, I am very selective on what I buy.  The cotton must be a higher quality quilting grade fabric, the fleece anti-pill, and all must be machine washable.  Do you realize how much cool cotton fabric is out there that is dry clean only?  Sorry, but dry cleaning is bad for the environment, and not very practical for pet products.

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For my toys, I use a brand of high quality polyfil that is made in the U.S. 

NuFoam:  I used regular foam rubber in my early days of the business, then saw how it just couldn't hold up to a washing machine.  NuFoam may not be as pliable as foam rubber, but it retains its shape and can be laundered over and over again without ill effect. 

Catnip:  I always use organically grown catnip.  When it is available, I purchase it through Humane Societies, who often have it on hand to sell for their fundraising efforts. 

PVC:  I haven't been able to trace back the country of origin on this material, but I have found a great local mom and pop business to obtain this from.  I love local businesses, as they help grow our economy.  I use furniture grade connectors, which are superior in looks to regular plumbing grade connectors.  I use plumbing grade piping because it is very sturdy, and the manufacturer markings can be easily sanded off.  Yes I sand these by hand so that they aren't marred by an electric sander.


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