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Da Bomb (The Original)

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 Your cats will go wild over these catnip toys.  Made of sturdy denim, filled with  nothing but organic catnip, with a "fuse" on the end.  My cats told my husband "these are da bomb" (yeah right). 
And another toy was born.....
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You can choose between 2 types of Da Bombs:  The original version has a feather boa "fuse" and is made from new denim.   The new "Recycled" version is made from recycled denim and the fuse is made from recycled stretch knits that have been braided into a fuse. 


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Measurements: The body of the toy is approximately 1-1/2" by 3" with about 3" of feather "wick" on top.
Outer shell made from 100% cotton denim.  Inside is stuffed with catnip.  The "wick" is a feather boa. They are securely sewn shut at the top to prevent spillage.


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