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At 16 years old, my Stumpy boy still loves to test my toys

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Auntie Em Creations is a very small company located outside of Kansas City (yes, we are in Kansas).  It consists primarily of myself, with some help from my husband Steve and the menagerie of fuzzy 4-legged critters that reside in my house and test all of my products.  I founded the company in 2003 as a means to help homeless pets at local Animal Shelters.  I made toys for those pets, or donated my creations to them so that they could raise money for the shelter.  My products were a big hit so it has kept me going with the business.

So who is Auntie Em? My real name is Amy.  My sister has a daughter named Em (short for Emily).  Our family has an affliction where we call each other by the wrong name.  After years of calling me "Em", my niece started calling me Auntie Em.  When I moved to Kansas the name for my business became really apparent to me.  Auntie Em Creations was born.

I'm a woman with more years of sewing and crafting experience than I care to share with you and I was tired of the overpriced and low quality pet products found in big box pet stores.  I like to be a little more conscious about our environment and make products that can be washed over and over again rather than thrown out after a short use.  My original Kennel Bed lasted 8 years before the fabric finally developed a hole from washing it so much.  You can't get that from a big box store. My beds may not be as pretty as some you see in stores, but I'm a pragmatist.  Pet hairs wind up on everything. Give me machine washable or give me death.

I use materials such as organic catnip because your cats deserve to have a chemical free product.  For cushioning in my beds or pads, I use either NuFoam or quilt batting because it can be thrown into your washing machine, and I sew it into place so that it doesn't bunch up around the edges.  When I put eyes on my catnip mousies, I use child safe paints.  I don't use small pieces that can be chewed off because I don't want your cat to swallow them.  I don't use materials that cannot be laundered or that will melt in the dryer.  Did I mention that I was a pragmatist?

I share my household with a larger than average menagerie of rescued critters. They are all the cast-offs from society.....dumped on the side of the road, born in barns and under porches.....the ones that are too wild or scared to be loved by most.  My critters have tested my products. Not the ones I sell, but they have a lot of fun with the prototypes. If they don't take to my toys or beds, I don't sell them.  If they don't last a long time, I remove them from my site.

I hope you enjoy my creations, and if by chance you are kind enough to purchase some, remember that if you aren't completely satisfied with the quality of the product, just contact me for a replacement or refund. 


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