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Welcome to Auntie Em Creations!

My Website is about to go through a complete transformation.  If you are unable to access anything on this site, you may try my Etsy shop, or simply contact me.

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Please browse through my toys for new, lower prices when you buy more than one.  You may now mix and match your choice of kicker toys! 

The original 5-tier condo can be found here.  A line of Cat Condos made from a sturdier Cordura fabric can be found here.   I also offer Condos in 2 tier, 3 tier, 4 tier and Bunk Bed.  

Tinker Toys for Adults

The person I purchase my PVC from jokes that his products are tinker toys for adults.  There is a trend with my customers to create new ways to configure my Cat Condos.  This is something I put together for a woman in Minnesota who has a house full of Maine Coons.  I call it the Cat Jungle Gym.  Email me if you are interested in this, or any custom configuration.  This particular Jungle Gym is made from 2 full 5-tier condos with a "bridge" in between.  It uses the Outdoor UV resistant fabrics in the color "Neutral". 

And another Jungle Gym

I made this creation for my kids at home, simply because I hadn't given them anything new to play on for a while.  Similar to the concept above, this one uses a bridge that is longer than a standard sized hammock.  The models are (l-r) Muddy, Scarlett and Spanky.  I happen to have a large sun room with a long wall of windows.  This consists of 2 6-tier condos with an added bridge on top.  The fabric used is my experimental rayon fabric and not for sale. 


The original prototype

I made the original prototype out of plain old cotton fabric but have changed over to outdoor poly blend and cordura nylon fabrics for the final Condos.  This condo has a lot more parts than my hammocks, so I wanted to give you a fabric that can be wiped clean on most days, but also can be thrown into the washing machine for your annual spring cleaning. 

I invented the condo when my old boy Stumpy turned 17 years old.  He had arthritis but still liked to be up on top of things.  While he struggled climbing up my traditional wooden cat trees, he is simply stair stepping up the hammocks to get to the top of this one.  He adored this condo.  I dedicate all of my condos to his memory.

Pictured are 4 of my most devout product testers (from top):  Muddy Waters, Stumpy, Koko Taylor and Scarlett.  This condo was together for less than 5 minutes when they all piled onto it.  They are still looking around before they settled in.  It's a cat thing.

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